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blockquote: used to indicate a quoted section of text from another source.

i: used to indicate text that is in an alternate voice or mood, or to mark a section of text that is not part of the document's normal prose, such as a technical term, a foreign word, or a thought.

mark: used to highlight a section of text for reference or emphasis.
em: used to denote emphasis or importance within a block of text.
b: used to indicate text that should be stylistically offset from the normal text.
strong: used to indicate text with strong importance or relevance.
cite: used to reference a source or quote within a document.
q: used to indicate a short quotation within a block of text.

code: used to define a block of code or program output.
samp: used to define a sample output or input from a computer program.
kbd: used to denote user input in a computer program or web page.